Drinking from Elijah’s Cup

Thursday, April 6, 2017
7 PM at Congregation Or Tzion map
Cost: $18 (Suggested Donation)

We pour five glasses of wine on Passover but drink only four. This is based on the four phases of redemption listed in the Torah’s Exodus narrative, but a fifth stage is also mentioned—to be brought in peace to our homeland. On Passover, we celebrate our freedom from slavery but we also yearn for a “complete redemption.” What would that look like? World peace? A rebuilt temple? The death of death? All of these options are hinted at in our Seder, but never fully considered. On this night we will review the options of Jewish eschatology and consider what it would mean to drink from Elijah’s cup.

Rabbi Danny Nevins

Rabbi Danny Nevins

Rabbi Danny Nevins is dedicated to exploring the sacred realm of Torah and its intersection with contemporary ethics, culture, and technology. He works at The Jewish Theological Seminary as the Pearl Resnick Dean of the Division of Religious Leadership, encompassing The Rabbinical School, The H.L. Miller Cantorial School, and the Center for Pastoral Education. He is a member of The Rabbinical Assembly’s Committee on Jewish Law and Standards and also of its Executive Council and Joint Placement Commission. Prior to returning to JTS in 2007, Rabbi Nevins was the rabbi of Adat Shalom Synagogue in Farmington Hills, MI for thirteen years. He earned a bachelors degree in history from Harvard College, and his MA and rabbinic ordination from JTS.

Rabbi Nevins writes responsa on topics of contemporary halakhah, essays, prayers, and Torah commentaries, many of which can be viewed on this website. In addition to teaching at JTS, he lectures around the country and is an active member of his Jewish community. Whenever possible, he enjoys biking, hiking, canoeing and photographing in the woods, mountains, and lakes. He lives with his family in Manhattan.


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