Getting Proximate: Developing and Maintaining Multiracial, Multicultural & Multi-Faith Alliances Toward Equity and Justice

Monday, March 13, 2017
7 PM at Temple Chai map
Cost: $18 (Suggested Donation)

Yavilah McCoy

Registration for this event is now closed. Walks ups will be accepted.

In these challenging days and times, where harmful patterns and practices around race and racism are increasing the need for action and dialogue among students across the country, how can students and campus leaders support the awareness, skill building and practice needed to develop and maintain meaningful allied relationships? What tools can faith communities utilize in engaging in dialogue across multiple and emerging political and cultural differences? What practices can we expand in Jewish faith space in order to welcome and explore the multicultural and multiracial diversity that characterizes the Jewish people? How can experiences within our faith community better prepare us to model racial equity and inclusion for utilization in broader environments? Join Yavilah McCoy for an interactive exploration of contemporary wisdom and current best practices for navigating multi-faith, multiracial and multicultural differences in 2017, in service of justice.

Yavilah McCoy

Yavilah McCoy

Yavilah McCoy is the CEO of the international diversity consulting group, VISIONS Inc. in Boston. She is an educator, activist and spiritual teacher that has worked extensively within multi-faith communities to increase racial justice and expand equity and inclusion. Yavilah is a certified coach for the Auburn Theological Seminary’s Pastoral Coach Training Program and a fellow for their Sojourner Truth Leadership Circle. Yavilah was voted one of “16 Faith Leaders to Watch in 2016” by the Center for American Progress in Washington, DC. She is a certified trainer for the A World of Difference Institute, the National Coalition Building Institute, and the National Center for Community and Justice. As a career Jewish professional, Yavilah directed the launch of the “Ruderman Synagogue Inclusion Project” for Combined Jewish Philanthropies and the Ruderman Family Foundation in Boston. Yavilah also worked for Bronfman Philanthropies as the Boston Director of The Curriculum Initiative, (TCI), a non-profit educational consultancy that serviced 600 prep schools across the nation with resources for Jewish identity and culture. Yavilah was one of the inaugural recipients of the Joshua Venture Fellowship, and the founding director of Ayecha, one of the first nonprofit Jewish organizations to provide education and advocacy for Jews of Color in the United States. In celebration of the musical traditions passed down to her from three generations of her African-American Jewish family, Yavilah is also the writer, producer and performer for the Jewish Gospel theatrical production “The Colors of Water.” Yavilah resides in Newton, Massachusetts with her husband and four children.

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