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Rav Shmuly’s Thoughts on Education, Leadership, and Social Change
The Right People are in the Room!
Jewish Education – Teaching Emotional Intelligence
The Virtue of Friendship in Jewish Thought
How Do We Relate to Morally Difficult Texts in the Jewish Tradition?
Sex Education in Orthodox High Schools
The Culture of Bullying: It’s Not Just Kids!
Gadamer, Nozick, & The Splitting of the Sea: Choosing How to Interpret the World
Dishonest Kiruv! The Building of Responsible Jewish Outreach Movements
Is College Working? The Decline of the Humanities!
Making College More Affordable: Call for Higher Ed. Reform!
The Challenge of Day School Affordability: Keeping our Eyes on the Prize!
The Lost Art of Small Talk
Repetition and the Cultivation of Virtue
Is All of Jewish Leadership Work Holy? The Notion of Meta-Holiness!
Rabbi David Hartman: A Transformative Force and a Unique Legacy
The Pope and Jewish Communal Professionals: Staying in a Job too Long? The Need for Term Limits!
The Case for Epistemic Humility
The Most Important and Dangerous Jewish Value: The Messianic Impulse
Determinism & Freedom: Is One Punished for the Mistakes of One’s Parents
What’s the Purpose of Creation? A Reflection on Jewish Responsibility
A Reflection on Awakening & Encountering
The Transformative Power of Ritual
Living and Leading with Soul
The Present and the Future: Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle
Conflict Resolution: A Spiritual Approach
Embracing the Lost Art of Creativity
Distractions and the Spiritual Art of Focusing
Recovering the Transformative Spiritual & Ethical Power of Music
The Role of the Divine in Social Change: Where is G-d in Tikkun Olam
Skydiving through Life: We are Responsible for the Present
Spiritual Transformation through Our Dream Interpretations
Judaism’s Value of Happiness: Living with Gratitude and Idealism
Where Are You? Keeping our Dreams Alive!
Can Anger Be Constructive? A Reflection on Activism & Life!
Who is a Jewish Hero
Post-modern Jewish Identity
The Calling
A Jewish Vision for 2025
A Life Without Limbs, A Life Without Limits
Global Unity or Chaos? Special Report from the World Economic Forum
Yeridat HaDorot, The Descent of Man: Is Progress Possible in our Time
The Ethics of Innovation
The Limits of Reason and the Ethics of Inclusivity
The Essence of Judaism is Obligation: A Foundation for Pluralism
Looking Back at 2012 – And Forward To Building Communities of Hope in 2013!
Violence in Sports: Promoting Character Development in Youth Athletics
The Aish Kodesh: Inflated Success and Positive Reinforcement
The Value of Humor in Religious Learning and the Limits of Purim Shpiels
Hitting children for obedience? Parenting with compassion!
Are Watches Forbidden? When Halachic Prohibitions Go Too Far
The Next Generation: Empowering Leadership and Learning for Emerging Adults
Not Jews yet Jewish! Welcoming the ‘Seed of Israel’
The Case for Intellectual Judaism: Adults Can’t Rely on Their 3rd Grade Jewish Education
Does the Torah Heal?
A God That Repents and Seeks Liberation?
Yeridat haDorot, The Descent of Man: Is Progress Possible in our Time?
Reborn Again? A Jewish Moral Argument for Reincarnation
Why Does God Test Us?
A Chassidic Approach to Spiritual Materialism And Ethical Consumption
A Jewish Imperative to live in the Diaspora?
Who is a Jewish Hero?
Post-modern Jewish Identity
The Calling
A Jewish Vision for 2025
A Life Without Limbs, a Life Without Limits
Global unity or chaos: Special report from the World Economic Forum!
A Floor And Not A Ceiling: My Religious Practice
The Shoes We Wear: A Statement of Identity and Values
A Reflection on Awakening & Encountering
Who Wrote the Torah? Committed Theology in an Age of Skepticism
Time for a Panentheistic Revolution: An Ethical Theology of Connectedness
Does the Torah Heal?
Was the Destruction of the Temple good for the Jews? A Tisha B’Av Reflection
Ari Hart, Maria Corona, & Flaum: A Big Win for Worker Justice!
Mamie Currie Hughes and Today’s Civil Rights Struggle
The Revolutions of Chabad and AJWS!
Rabbi Dov Linzer, a Posek for the 21st Century
Imperfect Knowledge And Anger Toward Heaven
Are Watches Forbidden? When Halachic Prohibitions Go Too Far
Strange bedfellows for a good cause
Lessons on Tzedakah from The Sanzer Rav
The Food Aid Bill: We Will Progress Step by Step
Bystanders, Levinas, & Our Role as Religious Citizens
Mandela, Lincoln and the Tutsis: A Future Built on Forgiveness
The Jewish Service Revolution: Challenges and Opportunities
The Power of Language: Cultivating Positive Emotions
The Theological Value of Privacy
Can’t Give up Brisket? Then Start with Veal!
Work-Life Balance: Valuing Time Off for All in the Workplace
Improving Hebrew School!
The Need for Empowering and Ethical Jewish Outreach
A Society with Poor Critical Thinking Skills: The Case for ‘Argument’ in Education
Developing Cognitive Competence: Learning the Skills of Argument
Failing in Order to Succeed
Yom Kippur: The Avodah Inspires Us to Actualize Our Unique Purpose
Core Values for Strong 21st-Century Jewish Leadership
Cognitive Conflict: Should Educational Debates Be Competitive or Collaborative?
Prophetic Pluralism: Reaching Higher Truth Together
Jews and Halloween: To Treat or not to Treat?
Rabbinic Reflections
Unity of Religions? “G-d is Not One!”
G-d Prays but Do We? Reflecting on Creation
On Free Will & Revelation
Expert Witness: Jewish Legal Requirements for Testimony
The Growing Legacy of Rabbi Chaim Brovender
The Genius Fetus
The Value of Reading Novels
Understanding God Through Self-Exploration
A Theology of Angels: Our Daily Choice
What Wisdom is Eternal? The Maimonidean Approach to Superstition
Sometimes Trying to Help Makes Things Worse
An Apology to Jewish Thinkers throughout History Who Have Been Ostracized
Celebrating the joy of multiple perspectives
Confirmation Bias and the Ethical Demands of Argumentation
A Five Dollar Renoir: The Responsibility of the Buyer
The Value of Nightmares: A Jewish Approach to Bad Dreams
Teaching by Modeling: Living With Inspiration
The Western Wall: Do Objects Contain Holiness
Search for truth, self & other: Models of exclusivity, inclusivity, and pluralism
Survival, thrival, and the challenge of peoplehood
The Lure of Lost Money
The Triumph of Art and the Triumph of Souls
The Struggle with China: Jews, Israel, and the International Community
Individualism and Empathy: Do We Live On An Island?
Be Alive – In Learning, Leading, and Prayer
Is Judaism Past or Future?
Jewish Innovation in the Valley
Musical Instruments: The Transformative Power of Bridge-Building
Guide Dogs at the Western Wall: Supporting the Blind
Yearning for Transformative Wisdom
Keep Judaism Weird!
Child Marriage?
The Addictions of Busyness and the Case for Urgency
Muhammad Ali to Yuri Foreman: Does Jewish Law Allow Boxing?
Why Do We Trust Ourselves So Much?
Mordecai Kaplan’s Social Justice Thought
Giving Away Of Fortune
It’s Hard To Be a Kid Today
In Solidarity with the Ukrainian Jewish Community: Enough is Enough!
From Feminism to Masculinism
Falling Fruit: The Biblical Imperative to Curb Food Waste
The Rav and the Rebbe on Spiritual Slavery of Modernity
Understanding Other People
How Involved Should Parents Be In Their Child’s Education?
Spiritual Mentorship: Awakening Truth in Others
Nephilim: Aronofsky’s “Noah” Inspires Search for Fallen Angels
Dog Kills an Elderly Woman in Phoenix: Man’s Best Friend?
Yom HaShoah: The Value of Memory
Spending Too Much Time in Meetings?
Eternal Divine Revelation and Temporal Human Revelation
Close and Far From Home: Spiritual Navigation
The Unique Tears of God and Man
Missing People: The Pain of Waiting
PTSD in the American Military: Veterans Deserve Better!
Malaria: We Must Win in Our Lifetime
Has Violence Increased or Decreased in the World
Does Money Make Us Happy
Lifecycle: The Center of Jewish Life
The Mitzvah of Shatnez & Industrial Textile Industry
Safe Thrills or Imprudent Dangers?
Leaving Open Spaces in Our Lives
Spiritual Simplicity & Complexity: Spiritualists, Help us Steer Religion on to the Right Path
One Rabbi’s Take on Israel (Review of “To Unify a Nation” by Rabbi Dov Lipman MK)
The Five Most Foundational Jewish Teachings
Religion and State: School Vouchers and Clergy Parsonage
A (Very Brief) Call to Fellow Activists: Don’t Just Post, Do Something!
A Year of Service for All Americans
What Grade Would You Give to the UN
Israeli Woman Refused Service at Florida Gas Station
Should We Be Electing our Judges?
The Lethargy of Religious Tolerance
Adapting To Change
Building an Ark in Phoenix
Hunger Strikes in Our Time
Creating Change: The Long Haul
Geckos Play the Angles: The Art of Adaptation
The Value of Compromise
Foreign Aid: 7 Practical Way to Consider our Interconnected Existence
To Be Fully Religious, One Must (Partially) Embrace Atheism
Evil Can Be Used For Good
John Lewis: A True Superhero
Lost In Venice: How a Chabadnik Saved My Jewish Life
Inter-existence: Reverence for all Life!
Why the Jewish People Need Halakhah!
How Will Redemption Arrive?
Quick Moral Reasoning: Heroism in Moments
Judaism and Reincarnation
Jewish Social Justice Activists: You Are Doing Mitzvot!
Asher Yatzar: A Blessing of Radical Consciousness
Holistic Prayer: Avi Weiss is a Prayer!
The White Fire: Tending to our State of Being
Need Spiritual Bravery? Transforming Fear to Joy
Volunteering: Giving Ourselves
Was Daniel a Prophet? A Model for Each of Us in these times of Turmoil
Honeymoon Israel: What We’ve Learned
Can We Build a Healing Society?
Has Our Sports Culture Gone Too Far?
How Will You Fail This Week?
The Torah is Pro-Life and Pro-Choice
Overpopulation: Neutering & Spaying Dogs?
The newly revealed health benefits of circumcision
What I learned at the White House this Hanukkah
Creating Change: The Long Haul
The Forgotten Story of Cesar Chavez and the Jews
Should We Debate Extremists?
Translating Texts in Postmodern Judaism
Will the Chief Rabbinate End Rabbi Riskin’s Career?
An Alienated People: Are Jews Alone in the World?
May one hold one’s pet on Shabbat?
Does Purim Still Work?
Counting the Omer: A Transformative Reminder
Right Before Our Eyes: Spiritual Freedom From Conformity
The Dynamic Leadership of Rabbi Asher Lopatin
Angels On Earth: Cultivating a Deep Inner World
Choosing Love over Justice: The Sacred Duty of Compromise
One Day at a Time: Sustainable Spiritual Growth
Gaining Clarity: Mastering Emotional Wisdom


Jewish Values, Ethics and Social Justice
A Growing Divide: The Ultra-Orthodox in the Army & Workplace
Tnuva: Addressing the Current Animal Welfare Crisis
Speak Truth to Power
Invisible People: We Have The Power to Make Them Visible
The health-care battle: A Jewish issue?
Jewish Wisdom, and a ‘Wise Latina’
Where are the Women in the Global Future Discourse? Special Report from the World Economic Forum
Global Affairs: A Balancing Act? Special Report from the World Economic Forum
Creatures in the Nation-State
The BP Oil Spill, Personal Responsibility and Jewish Law
Witnessing Haiti: A Call for Transparency in Disaster Relief
Casino Jack: Are We Trapped in Money Worship?
Competition, Pricing, Consumer Responsibility and Fair Trade in a Global Economy: A Modern Jewish Perspective
Jewish Hotel Ethics
Banim as Bonim: Does Jewish Tradition Condone Child Labor?
The forgotten population: Domestic workers in our homes
Undocumented Workers: Good for America? Good for the Jews?
How Should We Treat Undocumented Workers?
Alternatives to Incarceration: A Jewish Approach
Pregnant Inmates Chained During Labor: On the Dignity of Childbirth
Solitary Confinement: When Solitude is no Longer a Virtue
Prison Reform: A Torah Perspective on the American Crisis
Extravagant Jewish Celebrations – Have We Gone Too Far?
Jewish Feminism Beyond Ritual?
Discrimination Within Orthodoxy?
Orthodox Solidarity with Frum Homosexuals
Kiddush Clubs: A Destructive Force?
The shame of Orthodoxy
Gold for Rubashkin or Guatemalans?
Another Kosher Scandal: What’s at Stake
Intertwining Inner & Outer Religious Life:Yehuda haLevi’s Human Law & Divine Law
A Jewish Apology to the World
Moving out to the Sukkah – A Reflection on Ethical Consumption
Chanukah And The Value Of Giving Gifts
An annual call to justice
Justice in this World!
Passion, Power, and Partnership
Exposed Roots: The Importance of Faith-Rooted Spiritual Activism
Affirming Life: The Eternal Recurrence
Martin Luther King Day, the Presidential Inauguration, and A Reflection on Conscience
The Role of the Divine in Social Change: Where is God in Tikkun Olam?
Should We Rely Upon Signs?
Author Blog: Is Prayer for Activists?
Author Blog: Is the Synagogue a Relic?
Building Healthy Communities: What type of Congregant are You?
The Transformative Power of Ritual
Living and Leading with Soul
The Present and the Future: Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle!
Yom Kippur: An Encounter with Death & Life!
Yom Kippur: Expanding Our Communal Roles
Should Jews Celebrate Thanksgiving?
Organ Donation: Holiest of Mitzvot
Levinas: On Ritual and Justice
Genocide in the Torah
The Purpose Of Creation
Torah and Science: The Jewish Moral Case for Embracing Evolution
Chanukah And The Value Of Giving Gifts
A Moral Case For Brit Milah
A New Look at Idolatry and Slave Labor
Chanukah And The Value Of Giving Gifts
The Role of Jewish Priests: A Matter of Life and Death
Runaway Slaves in the Torah and Today!
The Mitzvah of Hakhel and A Call for Universal Education!
Physical Boundaries: The Social Justice Case for Shomer Negiah!
We Pray for Rain: Rallying for Water Justice!
Determinism & Freedom: Is One Punished for the Mistakes of One’s Parents
Is Haman alive today? Purim & Happiness!
Rousseau, Civilized Man and Chametz in the Heart!
We are still in Egypt
The Problem of Overpopulation & The Command to Procreate
Actualizing Democracy: Can Change Really Be Bottom-Up?
Apocalypse? Building a New World!
The Clouds of Glory and Human Responsibility!
Space Travel: Is it worth it?
Jewish-Hispanic Relations: Long Overdue
Genesis 44:18-47:27: Addressing Famine: Ancient Egypt and Today
Bringing animal treatment, workers’ conditions, and environmental issues to a kosher table.
Meant to reflect Jewish values, Kosher food is often unethical
An Obesity Problem In The Orthodox Community?
A Smoke-Free World: A Jewish Ban On Tobacco
The Problem of Frum Hedonism
The Religious Value of Rest and Leisure
Buber, Gandhi, and Rabban Gamliel: Human Dignity Over Absolute Ownership
Putting Ethics into our Celebrations: The Launch of “Just Simchas!”
The Cost of a Tombstone: Another Approach
The Health Risks of Meat Consumption
Caged and Traumatized: A Closer Look at the Egg Industry
How Kosher is Your Milk?
Praying with Compassion: Time for Vegan Tefillin!
A Yom Kippur of Mercy or Cruelty?
A People of Compassion Calling for Transparency in Animal Cruelty
Do We Prioritize the Vulnerable?
Fighting For The Innocent
Religious Freedom And Sharia Law
The Jewish Perception Of Tattoos: A Fair Prejudice?
Establishing Community Medicine Banks Around the World
Jewish Social Justice in Post-Apartheid South Africa?
Survivors Guilt after the Flood: Shame and Healing
Is the Torah political? Thoughts on the Nature of Language
Gun Control Vs. Gun Rights
Kwame Appiah, Jewish Empiricism, and the Guns Debate
Why Should We Care About The Religious Views of Our Candidates?
Purim: The importance of democracy
The American Jewish Vote: Not All About Israel
What Is Fair Taxation?
Are Taxes Fair, Good, or Jewish? A Defense of the Progressive Taxation
Hurricane Sandy, FEMA, and the Need for Big Government
Torture, War, And Bin Laden: A Jewish Perspective
Religious Freedom: Should the 10 Commandments Be Promoted in Public?
Why I Am Fasting Today!
Should Children Be in Solitary Confinement?
Is our Labor System Broken? A Jewish Call for Minimum Wage Increases!
Damage by Watching: Domestic Drones & Privacy
Close Gitmo Now
Immigration Reform: A Jewish Imperative
Strangers, Immigrants and the Eglah Arufah
Contemporary Politics: Oaths Made in Vain
The Bodies Exhibit & The Jewish Value of Honoring The Body
Gambling: More Than A Fun Game Of Cards?
Jewish Law on Texting While Driving
The Challenge of Offering Moral Rebuke in the Workplace
AMIA and Minority Insecurity: How Do We Attack Corruption?
The Bible and the Los Angeles Riots: Role of Religion in the Public Sphere?
Book Burning: Prelude To Persecution
The Assault on Rabbi Rosenberg: Ignoring Sex Abuse
Steipler Rav & Kapishnitzer Rebbe – Loving Family through Acts of Kindness
Zionism: The great Jewish ethical project
Becoming Builders Of Jerusalem: The Model Just Society
Addressing the Plight of the African Refugees in Israel
A Spiritual Start-up Nation
The Jewish Imperative For Child Adoption
The Mitzvah Of Adoption, Orphans In Russia And The Baal Shem Tov
“STUCK”—The Unnecessary Pains of International Adoption!
Feeding Our Workers
Vanilla and Chocolate Swirled with Compassion: The Case for Buying Fair Trade
Jewish Business Ethics: Proper Marketing and Selling
Eating stale popcorn: Holiness through consumer empowerment
Activisms of Love and Hate
A Reflection on the Actualization of Human Potential
A Reflection on the Pursuit of G-d in Justice
A Reflection on Messianic Yearning
A Reflection on the Pace of Life: Patience vs. Alacrity
A Reflection on Humility
A Reflection on Responsibility

The Jewish Week
 To Bet or not to Bet: Jewish Concerns on Gambling and the Lottery

Times of Israel
One Special Mitzvah: Paying it Forward!

Times of Israel
Noah: My Animal Welfare Hero
Yom Kippur: Praying Mightily for Syria
 For Health Reform To Succeed, Millenials Must Participate
Honoring our Parents: Can we Learn from China?
What if you Found a Diamond? The Mitzvah of Returning Lost Objects
Adultery and Marriage: A Jewish Approach to Monogamy
Debt Crisis: National and International
Drinking and Driving: Raising the Bar
The Intelligence of Man and of Beast
Job Opening: Prophets Needed!
Affirming Justice: Our Relationship to Government and Heaven
Intimidation, Alienation, and Suicide: Creating Nurturing Communities Together
Conflicts Between G-d and Parents: Truth is Chosen Over truth
Am I Too Late? Seeking Forgiveness from Someone Who Has Passed
Breastfeeding is a Right. Nursers unite!
Tevilat Keilim: Transforming our Consumption
Jewish Conversations about Sexuality
We Need a Revolution in the Pharmaceutical Drug Industry!
False Advertising, Jewish Morality and the Tobacco Industry
Adapting to Change: Sending the Dove from the Ark
Discrimination in the Workplace: How Do You Judge?
All Jews in One Sukkah!
To Dust you shall Return: The Dignity of Burial
Spiritual Courage: Fear No Man
5 Reasons Being an Orthodox Rabbi Compelled Me to Support Gay Marriage
Sinai And The Social Contract
Shabbos Dinah: Preventing Rape & Domestic Violence
Standing in Solidarity with the Filipino-American Community
Proud to be Open Orthodox!
Prison for marijuana use?
Neuroplasticity, Nagel, and Transcending Human Essence
The Minimum Wage Battle: What Makes a Wage Just?
Why the USDA’s Decision Could Be Bad For Our Kids’ Health
A Jewish Duty: Creating A More Representative Judiciary
I Assume That People Are Good
Fancy Diners: Do You Even See Me?
Can One Cordon Off Evil Ideas From Art and Science?
The Misuse of Power: Noble Ideas Tarnished
Ending Violence Against Women and Girls Worldwide
The Religious Right to Discriminate?
The Tears of Immigrants Reach the Heavens
Have We Forgotten Our Seniors? The Mitzvah To Honor the Elderly
Covering the Blood Before Us
When Good People Act Evilly: Redeeming a Broken World
Spiritual Authenticity: Breaking From Religious Conformity
Living Radical: Love the Vulnerable
Another Inmate Starves To Death
Social Justice Ritual: A Response to Rabbi Aryeh Klapper 

Wall Street Journal
Why This Rabbi Is Swearing Off Kosher Meat
The Power of Your Spiritual Light
The 4 Spiritual Dimensions of Humans
Can Human Dignity Be Lost? A Case Against Torture
A Public Response to a Presbyterian Reverend Supporting Divestment from Israel
It Is the Responsibility of Religion to Inspire Global Solidarity
Where Do We Learn Right from Wrong?
Domestic Abuse and Child Abuse: What is Our Response?
Approaching Purim: Our responsibility to our Fellow Jews
Urban Outfitters is Shaming the Memory of the Holocaust
A Call For Transparency in the Kashrut Industry
Boycotting the Super Bowl, Standing with the Homeless
The Religious Case Against Wearing Fur and Leather
Innovations in the US Meat Industry: Were Animals Created For Humans?
Is It Time To We Pay Slave Reparations?
Prayer for the Third Temple
What I Pray for When I Pray for the Third Temple
Forbidden to Feed the Homeless
Yearning for a Redeemed World; Striving in this World!
The Virtues of Compromise
Rav Avi & Soviet Jewry Activism
The Dilemma of modern Orthodoxy & Religious Zionism: A Tribute to Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein
African Asylum-Seekers in Israel: Crying for justice at the Passover Seder
Can Valley Jewish community go veal-free?
Mandate To Stun Animals After Kosher Slaughter
A Lifelong Process of Becoming
Heart-rending Homelessness Crisis
The Vision of Eden: A Book of Jewish Animal Welfare for All
H0ly Lies? Review of Changing the Immutable by Professor Marc B. Shapiro
Is ‘The Holy Land’ Necessarily Holy Land?
Factory Farming: Was the World Created for Me?


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