Start Me Up!

Start Me Up! is a social entrepreneurship program, which aims to transform the community with innovative programming.

START ME UP! Fellowship Cohort 3:

Shalom Home ~ Jesse & Shira Charyn

To create a Jewish Assisted Living Home where Jewish life thrives. We are dedicated to establishing a haimish environment to engage the mind, body, and spirit of our Shalom Home mishpacha! Learn more at

Hagigah ~ Rabbi Nate Crane

Providing Phoenix’s and Scottsdale’s families with special needs accessible, appropriate, and fun Jewish holiday celebrations.

Akiva Elhart ~ Pnei Hamayim

Pnei Hamayim provides a gateway into Jewish contemplative life through meditation and mindfulness practices from the heart of Judaism to nurture a radically inclusive, pluralistic community of practitioners. Click here to connect on Facebook.

Arizona Jewish Social Justice Action ~ AJ Frost

Arizona Jewish Social Justice Action takes to heart the ancient dictum: “Defend the poor and the orphan; do justice to the afflicted and needy” (Midrash Tehillim 82:3). Through learning events, social gatherings, #resistance, and protest, we hear this ancient words loud and clear, ready to make them ever-relevant in these turbulent times.

Interfaith Legal Action Network ~ Ross Kader

Living our faith through legal advocacy and service. Protecting our communities by providing a network of legal resources. Responding to the needs of our community while bridging gaps.

Multi-Generational Communication Workshops ~ Jessica Levin Bozek

Our mission is to give ALL generations the strategies and tools necessary to develop skills to enhance effective communication. Interpersonal skills are the best way to connect and develop long-lasting and healthy relationships.

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