Event Series VBM Mini Series

Self & Mystical Identity in Sixteenth Century Kabbalah

A virtual, five-part series presented by Professor Eitan P. Fishbane ABOUT THE EVENT: In what would become the legendary kabbalistic hilltop town of Tzfat in the 1500s—the birthplace of such timeless texts as Lekha Dodi and Yedid Nefesh; a location whose larger-than-life figures included such luminaries as Rabbi Yosef Karo, Rabbi Moshe Cordovero, Rabbi Yitzhak Luria (the ARI), and […]

Finding Light in Darkness

A virtual event presentation by Melanie Gruenwald EVENT CO-HOSTED BY: ABOUT THE EVENT: "There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in." ~ Leonard Cohen Please join us for this workshop on Kabbalistic and contemporary sources and conversations about light, darkness, hope, grief and resilience. ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Executive Director of Kabbalah […]

But What If I Love The Greeks?!: Chanukah for Philosophers

A virtual event presentation by Rabbanit Leah Sarna EVENT CO-SPONSORED BY: ABOUT THE EVENT: On Hannukah we light candles and commemorate a time "when the evil Greek kingdom rose up against Your people Israel." Those of us who love studying Greek philosophy and literature must ask ourselves some big questions on this holiday. Fortunately, the Jewish […]

Radical Jewish Views of God: Maimonides vs Spinoza

A virtual event presentation by Rabbi Micah Streiffer EVENT CO-SPONSORED BY: ABOUT THE EVENT: Think your beliefs about God are “out there?“ Think again! In this session, we will delve the unexpected views of two of Judaism’s greatest thinkers - Maimonides and Spinoza. Both of them rebel against the “traditional” notion of God found in […]